Manpower Capacity

The core team of ANFRA is summarized in the table below;

Name Position Qualifications Core Competencies
Yesiga Tumushabe James Chief Executive Officer -MA Social Sector Planning and Management (MUK)
-Bachelor of Adult and Community Education (MUK)
• Human Capacity Development and planning
• Adult education methodologies
• Cooperatives and group management
• Participatory Learning and Action
• Market analysis
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Agro processing and agriculture value chains
Anna Bakanya Business Manager -BA in Education and a PGD in Business Administration • Enterprise development
• Business incubation
• Market penetration
• Business modelling
Kangume Ronard Agricultural Officer -Dip in Applicable and modernized Agriculture (Israel-Afhekelon KFR Silver Campus)
-Dip Agribusiness management (Bukalasa)
• Agribusiness management
• Agro processing
• Modern agricultural capacity building
• Pests and disease control
• Environmental friendly agricultural practices.
• Record keeping for agricultural enterprises
Editor Namanya Head of Sales and Marketing -Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. • Information, Education and Communication
• Targeted messaging
• Branding and digital marketing
• Online marketing platforms
• Agriculature digital resources
Tumuhairwe Juliet Gender Specialist -MA Social Sector Planning & Management - (2006).
-B.SWSA Social Work and Social Admin - Honors (2001)
• Women empowerment and development.
• Human Capacity Development
• Participatory Learning and Action
• Marketing & value chain
• Group dynamics and mgt
• Mindset change
Francis Tumwebaze Accountant -Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) and is pursuing certification as a CPA. • SME accounting solutions
• Accounting for cooperatives and associations
• Auditing and Quality assurance
• Value for money enterprise development.
Hellen Gumoshabe Financial Consultant & Administrator -BBA Accounting (MUBS) • Financial Planning and Management
• Record keeping for productive enterprises
• Auditing and accounting capacity building
• Accounting for non-financial managers
Catherine Achom Marketing & Accounting Consultant -BBA Accounting (MUBS) • Marketing for agricultural products
• Innovation and unique enterprises
• Forward and backward linkages in production
Jeniva Lord Administration and Finance Assistant. -Diploma in Finance and Accounting • Modern Office management
• Record keeping
• Customer care and business language.

We have other professionals on retainer that are coopted depending on the nature of the assignment at hand. These include marketers, agro processors, veterinary and Fisheries officers as well as trainers for different categories of people.