The major challenges in the coffee sector we address are; low production, limited value addition, poor coffee quality, weak market access, poor/ limited planting materials and limited investment capital. We work to improve performance of our farmers by supporting nurseries to produce clean planting materials, improve production and productivity through trainings, and improve marketing efficiency. We linkage farmers coffee to mapped out markets.



Production of pulses in the country is primarily by small-scale farmers who don’t use improved seed varieties and fertilizers and consume about 65% of what they produce.

Production, productivity, marketing challenges limit performance of the crop. 

MOT promotes improved seed varieties, other complementary agro inputs and connects farmers to map out markets.  

Oil seeds–Ground nuts


Our support address  some of the needs facing the sector  limited knowledge and skills in GAPS, high post-harvest losses, weak marketing infrastructure, storage and value addition challenges. We promote post-harvest handling technics, connection to business of business linkages between farmer and traders, support to youth and women with value addition skills, the value added products such as Ground Paste and packaged Roasted grounds have huge local market.


Afra works with cereals mainly maize and wheat. The value chains are characterized by low production and productivity, low quality produce, fluctuating market prices, weak marketing systems and infrastructure.

We support intervention that lead to adding value to grains as a way of improving quality, market access and profit margins and then link the farmers to markets.
BDS Services


We offer Business Development Services (BDS) to SMES, Farmer organizations and NGOs in areas of; fundraising and resource mobilization, project, inclusive market  systems training, strategy formulation, business plan development, value chain financing, report writing, analysis of results attributions, institutional profile building, staff capacity building training, M&E and reporting results based on outcomes. We carry out commissioned strategic studies mainly baseline surveys and project impact assessments.

Financial inclusion and literacy


We promote a culture of Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) in conjunction with training on financial literacy to inculcate a saving culture while creating a source of credit, particularly among our farmer beneficiaries. Farmers VSLAs are linked to Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) to access more working capital. Our offices are strategically located on the Uganda Microcredit Union Headquarters  conversations on linkages are ongoing.



We promote local chicken and egg production farming alongside production of legumes using inoculation technology as well as Bio char and bio gas production. This product focuses to secondary school vulnerable students as one way of rising school fees.  Learning is triggered by demos at schools where students learn and letter transfer knowledge to their parents. Periodically the parents visit the schools and learn from the same gardens and farms using farmer filed school learning approach.  All qualifying beneficiaries are supported to acquire Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) certificates.