How we work

Anfra enterprises ltd operates a demand and supply chain approach where out-grower farmers sell agricultural products to consumers through market linkages that we create and coordinate. We use an agri-business hub model to generate agricultural supplies assisted by extension, market, digital, business, and financial services to our farmers.

The hubs are core platforms for linking farmers and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) partners to sale their produce in both mapped-out input and output markets. The approach ensures sustainable production and selling at relative stable prices

Zero Grazing
Mixed Farming
Agro Forestry


Our core gender sensitive agricultural value chains are; coffee, cocoa, cereals, oil seeds, beans, horticulture. The value chains are characterized by increasing demand with low productivity, limited market access, and low value-added products, poor quality produce, limited knowledge and capital for investment to which Anfra works to provide workable solutions.


Businesses, governments and NGOs have various needs to be able to run their operations successfully. At ANFRA we seek to provide inputs for offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and all manner of institutions to ensure smooth operations at various levels. These range from simple (stationary and sundries) to complex like computers and medical supplies.

Quality and traceability of our products

All farmers are profiled using geo-map technology. Their products are traceable to accuracy and quality supplies

Medical Supplies
Computer Supplies


  • Gender inclusion and economic empowerment
  • Agribusiness development and Marketing access
  • Environmental for the future (climate change adaptation)
  • Food and income security
  • Enterprise development through public private partnerships


ANFRA typically works with clients on a project/assignment basis, lasting anything from one day to several months. We agree on a fixed fee in advance, based on a defined scope of work and clear deliverables. This is the case whether we are delivering a one off assignment or providing strategic consultancy for a long period of time.